During the austral winter (August and September) humpback whales, Megaptera Novaeangliae, come by the hundreds from the waters of the South Pole in Madagascar, where they are born, they mate and remain to wean children before returning in the cold waters.

It is cetaceans 15-18 meters long with long pectoral fins, characteristics compared to other species and a sociable character who manifest with spectacular jumps.

With the guidance of Max, the director, you can arrange day trips to"whale watching": we comes out in the boat, trying to spot and bring groups of whales, usually some females with their young, without disturbing them. The technique involves surpass 100 meters from their engines stop. Now approaching curious, past and giving the opportunity to observe and photograph them closely.

With a little luck, you can also listen to the "singing", with which communicate over long distances and for the more experienced dive with them to observe and photograph them underwater .

MINKE WHALE: Between October and January is also possible to see minke whales, Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 8-10 meters long, weighs up to 9 tons. Beautiful species, is among those hunted by the Japanese, Norwegians and Icelanders who capture a few hundred a year for alleged "research purposes".

WHALE SHARK: Its weight can exceed 30 tons, her mouth a meter and a half wide and her skin the 10cm thick. it is the whale shark Rhincodon typus. Despite the misleading reference, this is a shark whose name emphasizes the large size and the similarity with the physiology of cetaceans; feeds on plankton as only two other species: the Megamouth shark, a shark rare whose discovery was limited to 9 episodes from 1976 and the basking shark, Shark or elephant. A Nosy Be the whale shark is at home and will not be difficult spot him during the boat trips. When possible , we dive with him to watch it closely and photograph...

...and then again hump dolphins, striped dolphins and bottlenose dolphins that greet our daily boat trips...

Trip to "whale watching": 60€

Ankazoberavina - Our activities

Ankazoberavina offers you a wide range of unique activities: from hiking to paradise places until the whale.

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The stay at Ankazoberavina Ecolodge allows you to take half day or full day excursions with the organization of a charming fish picnic.

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Snorkeling and Diving are one of the most fascinating experiences offered by Ankazoberavina in Madagascar; Even the less experienced ones can immerse themselves in the wonderful waters of the island.

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Fishing & Sailing

Fishing is one of the most exciting activities at Ankazoberavina in Madagascar. In fact, the seafront where our island is immersed is one of the most fishermen of the Indian Ocean and all over the world.

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Whale Watching

Ankazoberavina in Madagascar thanks to its location on the humpback street, offers a unique opportunity to see and admire them closely. With Max's guide you can organize daily excursions.

Ankazoberavina - Our structure

Ankazoberavina offers you several accommodation options: Standard Bungalow, Superior Bungalow and a fantastic Bungalow on the Tree

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Bungalow Standard

Our Standard Bungalows measure approximately 32 square meters and are made of wood and local techniques respecting the island's ecosystem.

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Bungalow Superior

Our Superior Bungalows always respecting traditional architecture offer more space for the room, the mezzanine floor and the stone masonry bathroom.

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Bungalow on the Tree

Wake up in the morning and get stuck by the first rays of sun or relaxed by the noises of the forest: these are some of the emotions offered by the Bungalow on the Tree .

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